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File library CA ISafe Service - Computer Associates Antivirus - Computer Associates International, Inc. File extensions exe : The EXE executable (program) file An executable file is a program that can be executed on the various Microsoft operating systems (Dos,windows 98/xp/vista). What is isafe.exe?This is a part of Computer Associates Anti-Virus, eTrust EZ Armor, and ZoneAlarm. Its purpose is to protect the system on which it is installed from viruses. It included with many pieces of software that have anti-virus functionality as a part of the overall package.This process is not essential to the operation of the system; however, it should not be deleted unless absolutely necessary. By killing this process or disabling the associated service, you will lose your computer's virus protection. If you wish to disable it, you should perform the proper uninstallation procedures for your software.Dangers of isafeAs this is a legitimate executable that included with many security software packages, it is possible for virus writers and spyware vendors to disguise their malware as the genuine one.Some malicious files may have the same name as this process but be stored somewhere other than in %SystemRoot%System32oneLabs, %ProgramFiles%CAeTrust EZ ArmoreTrust EZ Antivirus, or some other Computer Associates-related subdirectory of %ProgramFiles%. Other malware may use a name that appears similar to that of the legitimate one but with slight differences in spelling or with appended digits. While there are currently no known viruses, Trojans, or adware applications that disguise themselves as this process, you should look out for the presence of this file in an incorrect location or with a slightly different name.There should never be more than one instance of isafe.exe running at a given time on a system. The presence of multiple instances may be an indicator of a malware infection. If you do not have one of the aforementioned anti-virus or security software packages, the presence of this executable is a likely sign of a virus infection.Common problemsThis program tries to listen on ports 1025, 1026, and 1027This is apparently by design. If you wish to prevent this from happening, block access to the process in your firewall. Product name:  Computer Associates Antivirus Description:  CA ISafe Service Manufacturer:  Computer Associates International, Inc. .

Why problems can easily lead to isafe.exe error?
Missing, corrupt or incompatible isafe.exe
Undesirable damage on crucial system files
Incorrect uninstall of third- party program
Driver update failure
Unneeded registry components
Disable or invalid drivers
Obscure registry errors
Incorrect modification on Windows registry
Common isafe.exe Error Messages
"The file isafe.exe is missing"
"EXE Registration: Failed for file C:\WINDOWS\System32\isafe.exe"
"Could not find C:\Windows\system32\isafe.exe"
"Error loading isafe.exe"
"File isafe.exe is missing."
"A required EXE, isafe.exe was not found"